Improve lifestyle

Our mission is help to improve the lifestyles of all the people of the world. Promoting and encouraging exercise, improving healthy nutrition, teaching new sports methods and styles, etc.

Earn easy money

We have developed a method that you can earn money only by working in your field of health. Exercise, modify your diet and share your experiences and purchase with special discounts by HTF tokens.

Healtify mobile app

All people use the application in any role. Sports coaches, doctors and nutrition consultants and even active large companies. You will in touch with all people of the world who care about their health.

Control Your Health

Explore Healthify Metaverse

We are proud to introduce you to Healthify Metaverse. All individuals and companies that work in the field of health will fall in love it. A world where you have all your needs, including training, buying sports equipments, meeting champions and receiving advice, providing sports supplements, etc.
The Healthify app and HTF world are interconnected and all your activities can be done through the mobile app.
We provide powerful and valuable tool to the global community and you can be our unique and brilliant partner in this way.

The mobile application is designed to encourage the user to do his sports and exercises and to receive rewards in the form of healthify tokens according to his progress. He can observe and measure the success rate.

Earn Money

Build your club

Today, many people want to exercise at home and need scientific accurate exercise and nutrition programs to maintain their health and fitness. Anyone in Healthify Metaverse can build their own online club and train their students online, and this is one of the many ways to earn money through the unique Healthify project. We have created several ways to Earn money, including:
1- Creating your own private club.
2- Making money from the competitions section.
3- Income through introducing and offering a company's products.
4- Publish and share your personal experiences of healthy lifestyle.
5- Publishing online videos of exciting sports activities such as mountaineering or boating.
6- Performing sports programs and registering them and earning points, which are directly converted into Healthify tokens.
And many other methods that are being considered and developed.
In addition, people who accompany us in the design, development and introduction of our project will receive valuable awards.

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