World's First Sport & Health Metaverse & NFT Store

The First Sports and Health Metaverse and NFT store in the world.
Healthify is a blockchain Metaverse project. With the mission of turning this project into a health trip, fitness, online gyms, and exciting competitions for all people and meeting with Heroes.

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Healtify Metaverse

In the world of Healthify, you will face a variety of exciting capabilities and challenges. Online stores, virtual clubs, multiple tournaments between champions. Training centers and many other exciting events. All activities are designed in such a way that in addition to entertainment, users can earn money.

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Value your health

Join the best and most up-to-date technology and improve your health and quality of life. All your needs with the highest quality and lowest cost and online in your hands. Explore the exciting world of Healthify universe, build your own club and earn money. Do you know a way to earn a good income and enjoy your time and most importantly to help improve your health and life?

Start using the Universe right now. Buy HTF token and take your destiny in your hand.


Our ICO Roadmap

Q1 2021

-Project Research

Q2 2021

-Project Planning
-Team building

Q3 2021

-Foundation Structure
-Sample Sketch of the Idea

Q4 2021

-Building community
-Smart Contract Deployment
-Social Media Creations
-Whitepaper Production

Q1 2022

-Website release
-Token Launch
-Listing on PancakeSwap
-Grow holders to 10,000
-Team Private KYC & Audit
-Minor Platform Listing

Q2 2022

-Metaverse Dev
-Mobile App Sketch

Q3 2022

-Test Network
-NFT Store

Q4 2022



Our Tokenomics


Healthify Knowledge

These are the questions our customers ask most frequently

  • What is A Smart Contract?
  • Smart contract - the algorithm inside the blockchain cryptocurrencies. In our case that Charlie is number one among the those on which it is possible to create smart contracts.
    The main purpose of such contracts is the automation of the relationship, the opportunity to make commitments samospalenie.
  • How can we get our rewards?
  • We have created several ways to earn money, including:

    - Creating your own private club.
    - Making money from the competitions section.
    - Income through introducing and offering a company's products.
    - Publish and share your personal experiences of Healthy lifestyle.
    - Publishing online videos of exciting sports activities such as mountaineering or boating.
    - Performing sports programs and registering them and earning points, which are directly converted into Healthify tokens.

    And many other methods are being considered and developed.In addition, people who accompany us
  • Short Summary of your Project?
  • 1- A mobile application through which users can communicate with coaches, remind daily sports programs, record daily performance and buy sports products such as supplements.

    2- Metavars in which there are various facilities such as creating a club, store or online sports classes such as yoga, cross-fit, etc.

    3- NFT store where the possibility of buying and selling related to sports and healthy nutrition is considered.All three parts are interconnected and form an integrated and comprehensive system. These were the main parts of the project, but more features were seen in the program, such as holding online sports competitions.
  • Is the project audited?
  • Yes, it will be initially audited with freshcoins together with our KYC.
    We will also involve audit firms such as freshcoins as one of the most sophisticated audit firms that provide seamless and secured smart contract audit.

    Audit Link:
  • Which blockchain will this project be on?
  • Our chosen blockchain to deploy on is the Binance smart chain in order for the community to enjoy cheaper transaction fees that complement our volume goal.
    Also, since Binance smart chain has the biggest user base, we would like to make our project available to a wide market.
  • What is your difference compared to other projects?
  • 1-The first big difference between the Healthify Project and other projects is its applicability. The above project was created from scratch with a clear, unique and fully functional idea. That is, it solves a problem of human beings in today's world.
    2-The second interesting feature of this project is its humanitarian purpose. The founders of Healthify emphasize that their first goal is to encourage and promote the people of the world to a better life with exercise and healthy nutrition, and to earn money in the next step. In my opinion, this is a sacred goal.
    3-The third important feature of this project is that in addition to people and enthusiasts, it covers all health activists. Including sports coaches, yoga, champions, manufacturers of sports products or supplements, fitness clubs, cross-fit, martial arts clubs and ... On the other hand, for the first time, the concept of inter-club competitions has introduced fields such as bodybuilding, which will be really exciting and attractive.
  • Are you KYCed?
  • Yes, we are doxxed with our private investors and to our project partners.
    We are also KYCed in the spirit of providing confidence to the whole community against malicious practice such as rug-pulling this will result in certain team members and their identities to be revealed. It was with due consideration and reflection that we decided not to be doxxed directly to the public community to protect our privacy and security. We view being KYCed privately as the perfect balance between our security and our community’s confidence.

    KYC Link: